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    18 Mar 2018 How to import PowerPoint into ProPresenter 6 . where you can find hours of church tech tutorials, just like this one, courses, and my exclusive
    ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Importing and Exporting — ChurchTechCast.com Powerpoint Vs. ProPresenter: — Creative and Catholic Stage Set, Signage, Catholic,.
    7 Nov 2018 If you are running ProPresenter with a widescreen resolution you may have This is caused by the page setup in PowerPoint being set to 4:3
    25 Sep 2018 Here are a few tips and tricks for ProPresenter that are really easy to do and work 5. Import Keynote/PowerPoint As Images. Many pastors choose to create their The manual has nothing called, “Song Editor” that I can find. I think alt+enter is the Mac shortcut while CTRL+Enter is the Windows shortcut.14 Nov 2018 Note that not all features in PowerPoint are supported during an import. PowerPoint 2011: Works with ProPresenter 5 and ProPresenter 6
    24 Oct 2012
    7 Nov 2018 OverviewThere are several reasons why PowerPoint files may not import it not look the same way in ProPresenter as it does in PowerPoint?
    9 Nov 2018 It is important to note that ProPresenter cannot read PowerPoint files on the Mac there is an alternate method of importing a PowerPoint file
    8 Feb 2013 All content is current as of version 5.1.6 for Mac and version for Windows. PowerPoint and Keynote Triggering. 98 . Video Tutorials The ProPresenter 5 tutorial videos can be viewed directly in the program. An.
    28 Aug 2013 ProPresenter 5 Planning Center Online Integration . Stop using PowerPoint and start using the bullet and underline reveal features in


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