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    A fire-control radar (FCR) is a radar that is designed specifically to provide information to a To do this in a basic fire-control radar system, it must operate at smaller pulse width. Bearing Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version
    NA-25X is a Fire Control System (FCS) to control medium calibre RTN-25X tracking naval radar. This is a and IR camera) can be installed on the radar director to provide Manual engagement is always possible either via the. NA-25X
    The fundamental principles of all radar sets are alike. Before long, a fire control radar was produced: radar that not only gave the direction and distance of the
    A Fire-control radar or tracking radar measures the coordinates of a target and provides data which may be used to determine the target trajectory and to predict
    cessed by the radar receiver to extract target information such as range, veloc- tion and search, tracking, track-while-scan, fire control, early warning, over.
    This chapter discusses radar principles and basic radar systems. As a Fire Identify and explain the three phases of fire-control radar. 6. Identify the radar systems manual radar search, detection and tracking functions. True bearing
    The mobile gun laying radar SON-9 in conjunction with fire-control . The equipment of the SCN-9 has the following basic systems (See Fig. 3):. (a) transmittingtwo Terrier missile fire control systems (Mk 76), a. Mk 10 guided basis of their fundamentals of operation, fire control .. radar indicator in Basic Electronics, NAVTRA. 10087 so we won’t are on target and in manual operation. Tighten the.
    FCR is a monopulse track radar with cassegrain antenna, which employs advanced electronic protection measures; it uses digital pulse compression for high


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