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    Juvenile diversion programs allow youths who commit offenses to be directed away Prevention. ojjdp.gov/mpg/litreviews/Diversion_Programs.pdf.
    16 Jan 2019 Diversion is a general term for all community-based alternatives to standard prosecution that occur before a criminal offender has entered a plea or gone to trial. The goal of diversion is to balance society’s interest in punishing offenders with the criminal justice system’s
    Diversion provides mainly first time offenders with the opportunity to avoid a criminal record by undertaking conditions that benefit the offender, victim and theIn South Africa, diversion initiatives have been practiced since the early 1990s. From 1996 onwards, a substantial growth in the number of children referred.
    objective of the Act is to encourage the diversion of young offenders away from offending behaviour and to understand their engagement with the diversion
    Diversion programs and policies emerged in the 1970s as one way to achieve this goal. Despite centered diversion efforts for youth and the juvenile court.
    28 Nov 2017 PDF | Research Summary: The juvenile court was established to help Diversion programs and policies emerged in the 1970s as one way to
    3.2 Evaluations of Pre-Charge and Post-Charge Diversion Programme). 9 . in the Caribbean. 15 ojjdp.gov/mpg/litreviews/Diversion_Programs.pdf.
    When used appropriately, diversion can be a valuable tool for justice officials, helping to take low-level . napsa.org/publications/diversionhistory.pdf.
    2 May 2018 to undertake an evaluation of the Diversion Programmes for child offenders. that many child offenders were not completing the Diversion

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