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    Directv guide looks weird >> [ Download ]

    Directv guide looks weird >> [ Read Online ]


    directv menu fuzzy

    change directv guide back to blue

    what is wrong with directv guidedirectv guide grayed out

    directv guide too small 2018

    directv resolution blurry

    directv guide is gray

    how to change the guide color on directv genie

    6 Nov 2017 Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide. Reason of . I hate it and you look for help and the info doesn’t match anymore. Font is hard to
    20 Jul 20135 Feb 2018 Also does this when looking at resolution and HDR, all without making . Also I am still getting that odd problem of the screen going black and audio out for . It’s not a big deal since Directv only has 2 channels. Also the menus get dull when I have on a 4k channel and want to look at the info or the guide.
    17 Mar 2012 When the HR24 is on channel 33-2 the DirecTV guide, menu and all other overlays look horrible yet the show image, be it HD or SD looks outstanding. I think this issue falls into the weirder than really weird category. 🙂
    We updated the DIRECTV menu playlist and guide experience so you can access, discover 4) Can I switch back to the previous look and feel? Once the new
    Weird. These billion dollar companies don’t do the simplest of tone guide menu with the writing that is small as hell, fuzzy looking and is white
    7 Mar 2018 Yes it’s true. Whether you have the old DIRECTV menus or the new, the text can look a little blurry on a large 4K television. In fact you will see
    23 Dec 2017 On all tv’s but main box the guide is like it is white out with script in the Guide background in weird. . View DIRECTV Error Code Help!
    8 Oct 2008 I can’t figure out why, when I click “guide”, the text that’s above the It’s really weird/bad looking and I can’t seem to find anything about it in the


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