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    A Powershell tutorial is beyond the scope of this article, but Microsoft has tutorials for Collecting performance metrics with Powershell using the Get-Counter cmdlet . WMI was introduced to make management of Windows computers easier,13 Feb 2012 Using Powershell to Deploy Performance Monitor how hard could it be to have Powershell set up Perfmon counters on each of those servers, too. Not only did he provide a very good starting point for a script I could use,
    6 May 2017 The value %instance% is replaced by the PowerShell script when it runs. Write-Host “Running Perfmon-Collector to create / update Perfmon
    The Get-Counter cmdlet gets live, real-time performance counter data directly lists (ACLs), to see all counter sets, open Windows PowerShell with the “Run as
    7 Feb 2018 Performance counters have been around forever in Windows. If we wish to see more of the counters, we can make use of the –ListSet at the process counter for PowerShell_Ise, which is the script editor for PowerShell,
    7 Mar 2018 Let’s now build a small monitoring tool with PowerShell to keep an eye on a remote server’s performance that’s easier to read than the default
    29 Oct 2018 The simplest way to get performance data on Hyper-V VMs is with the But PowerShell has another cmdlet called Get-Counter that might be able to simplify the process. To make things easy for you to follow along, I’m going to set a .. This script is designed to report on the Hyper-V dynamic memory
    14 Jun 2017 this article describes a way to create a custom Perfmon counter and feed it with information from the log using a PowerShell script. Once it’s
    1 Jul 2015 By reading performance counters from services such as SQL Server or Exchange, you By then creating your own counters, you can add counter-based metrics to SQL Dependency Tracker · SQL Multi Script · SQL Scripts Manager Automating Day-to-Day PowerShell Admin Tasks – Part 1: Jobs and
    13 Nov 2011 Figured this out a while ago, but never posted. Here’s my solution: //save out the type name for sanity’s sake $ccdTypeName = ‘System.Diagnostics.


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