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  • As we approach fall, the chill in the air begins to set in, making you want to have some sort of light cover-up to keep you warm. A jacket or wrap make an ideal choice. While you wish to keep warm, you do want to look your fashionable best at the same time. Choosing from color trends for the season is one way of keeping up with the latest styles and colors. If you are looking for stylish…Read More

  • Gone are the days when the mom of bride or groom stuck to low key colors, so they didn’t look too showy or overdressed. Today, women are getting more adventurous and keen to explore vibrant colors. However, those who still wish to maintain a more traditional look can choose colors that are softer, yet suit the wedding theme. Say a pink & coral theme, would balance well with earthy s…Read More

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    The color of foliage, green, takes center stage in 2017’s fashion color trends. Whether it is a pale green tone, bright green or a dark shade, green sets the trend this year. Fresh and lively, the color evokes harmony and surrounds you with a peaceful feeling. It can be paired with bright colors, pastels, neutral shades and more. If you do not like bright shades, you can choose darker g…Read More

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    You can always add an enhancing touch to your eveningwear dress or gown with a jacket. It can be loose, figure-hugging, long or short sleeved or any other design that you want. A jacket can add oodles of glamor to your dress, even if it is just a simple outfit. Lena Moro offers a beautiful selection of jackets that includes the below style. The Evening Silk Chiffon Cropped Kimono Jacket…Read More

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    Who says plus size women cannot look good? With the right clothing, they can look as gorgeous as any slim and smaller sized woman. The Silk Chiffon Evening Sheer Swing Cardigan from Lena Moro just proves the point. Available from the extra small size to an incredible 6x size, these jackets offer style and grace. While the jacket covers areas that you would rather keep covered, the sheer…Read More

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    The pink color is much favored by women, as it offers a soft feminine appeal that adds elegance to her look. Bridal designers have also not shied away from integrating the lovely color in their ensembles. The pretty color can be used in a bridal dress or worn as a matching or contrasting accessory to compliment it. The Lavish Marabou Bolero Jacket from Chic Aura Accessories is a perfect…Read More

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    Age or body types have nothing to do with wearing a jacket. They are simply perfect for every woman! There are many benefits of adding a jacket to your outfit. For one, it offers an elegant finish to your look. Secondly, it serves as a cover-up if the weather is chilly. It also keeps your arms and shoulders concealed if you seek a more modest look. You can easily add more than one jacket…Read More

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    There are numerous options when it comes to selecting an evening jacket for your bridal gown or sleeveless evening dress. You can choose from bolero jackets, shrugs, shawls, blazers and more. Also, you have a vast choice of fabric types to select from that include light to heavy fabrics. If you are interested in a delicate elegant look, the evening jackets for brides from Lena Moro will c…Read More

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    Lena Moro’s Chic Aura Accessories has some superior shawls and shrugs to flatter bridal mom dresses. Her beautiful collection offers color, style and elegance along with comfort. Plus-sized women stand to gain here, as Lena has years of experience dressing women in this category. Also, she can personally help you choose the right accessories, so you may step out in the best couture and b…Read More

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    There are times when covering up a bare shoulder or arms might be the right thing to do, especially if the weather is on the chilly side. Jackets make a great accessory in such situations. They offer comfort as well as enhance your overall look. Some mothers of brides and grooms like to add a smart jacket to their evening dress. It could be a bolero or a long jacket, depending on their…Read More

  • Bolero jackets are widely worn on formal events like a wedding, gala, red carpet event or a party. They offer a chic finesse to your evening gown or sleeveless dress. The most common event where bolero jackets can be seen is weddings, where the bride, bridesmaids, mother of bride or groom and other women guests will be found wearing one. Your wedding is not the only time you may wear your…Read More

  • A designer jacket can make any plain dress look extravagant and stylish. Not only do jackets enhance your look, but they also offer comfort if there is a chill in the air. You can choose from a variety of jacket types, loose and long to cropped and short. Also, the variety of colors and fabrics that you can choose from, allows you to find jackets that meet your need as well as look good.…Read More

  • Designer Lena Moro comes up with a series of elegant creations that include a beautiful selection of wedding jackets for brides that you might want to look up. Her sophisticated silk chiffon jackets are almost great for any age group. Lena caters largely to plus-sized women, which makes her collection a must-see if you come under this category. Not only does she make you look good, with…Read More

  • If you are looking for a bolero jacket for an evening outfit, then you might want to take a look at the Lena Moro collection. The creative assemblage includes exclusive wedding bolero jackets that are designed not only for the bride but also for Mother of the Brides and Mother of the Grooms as well as for other women members. Made from gentle silk chiffon fabric, and genuine feathers with…Read More

  • Buying the right accessories can sometimes be quite daunting, but with a bit of help, you can add elegance and style to your wardrobe. The Lena Moro luxurious wedding jackets and shawls make a fabulous addition to any attire. Her magnificent assemblage comprises of beautiful fluttering silk shawls, wedding bolero jackets and shrugs for bridal mom dresses in attractive colors, and made…Read More

  • Stylish and in-vogue, these awe-inspiring handmade jackets and shawls are designed, not just for wedding wear, but are suitable for evening wear as well as for casual outings. The Luxurious Wedding Jackets can add panache to any eveningwear dress, while the iridescent fluttering silk shawls are great for themed weddings and parties, as well as can complement your casual pair of jeans.…Read More

  • Handmade bridal and evening accessories expert Lena Moro has applied her 25-year experience in the fashion business, to her motivating vision to market her elegant creations, to a varied group of women for different occasion wear. Working with rich textures and plush materials like silk and chiffon, she has never failed to impress with her stylish assemblage of Luxurious Wedding Jackets,…Read More

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