I am following Bryon Powell's training plan (his book; Relentless Forward Progress)for Leadville. Scott Jurek also agrees with this format on the basis that 2x 50 mile races is sufficient for peak training. Does anyone differ? A 12 hour race, a 70 mile training run etc...Please share.

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Well, it probably depends on what your finishing goals are.  But most of the folks I know (including myself) run 1 maybe 2 50s in the months leading up to a 100.  It depends on your recovery really.

Thanks Brandon. I am aiming for 24 hours. I have a 50 on Saturday TNF Bear Mountain and then will be pacing the last 50 of a 100 on 6/23 and my last one is 7/14 but is TBD. I watched a video of your race recently from 2010. What I took from it was how crucial your crew is - change of clothes, bag, no bag, music, chair, constant motivation. Very helpful.

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