• mike stephens

    This is my 4th attempt for leadville and last? 2nd attempt ran the whole coarse but was 20minutes to late. This is my last and final! New stratagy…. Looking for someone that will run 40-50miles of the coarse in June. The second week of june13 and 14. I will be flying up from california and staying up in leadville for the weekend. I sure could use some help? Knocked out at 60 miles last year. I know the coarse pretty good. It’s fresh in my mind?

    • Hopefully, we are melted out by then. Hope Pass usually is still hard to traverse into June unless you have snow skills.

      • mike stephens

        Probably go up as high as snow level and go back down

  • Joe Lewis

    How do I sign up to pace or find a runner that needs a pacer?

    • There isn’t (or hasn’t been) an official way to do that. But frankly what happens in practice, people go to an aid station and wait around. You won’t be alone. Eventually someone will come in and take you. Plenty of people without pacers or pacers that didn’t show. Or people that just wouldn’t mind company. You might make a life long friend.